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Open a Franchise Business in Bulgaria

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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Open-a-Franchise-Business-in-Bulgaria.jpgThe business environment in Bulgaria offers encouraging and interesting opportunities for any kind of investor whether experienced or at the beginning of the career. In the latter case, one can establish a franchise in Bulgaria and benefit from diverse advantages among which we mention the brand recognition. If you want to understand better the requirements of setting a company in Bulgaria, including a franchise, we suggest you talk to one of our Bulgaria company formation specialists.

The main conditions for opening a franchise in Bulgaria

The franchisee is the person or company interested in buying the rights of a firm with the purpose of performing the same activities in the chosen country, in our case, Bulgaria. The franchisor is entitled to offer guidance and a business which can start as soon as a location is settled. For a particular fee which is payable when the contract is signed, your franchise in Bulgaria can enter the market in a fast manner. Foreign entrepreneurs in Bulgaria can choose to open a national franchise or a representative of a brand from overseas, if a research on the market has been made. Entrepreneurs should bear in mind that for opening a franchise business in Bulgaria, an agreement in this matter should be settled, in compliance with the Commercial Law and the Bulgarian Commerce Act.

The franchise agreement in Bulgaria

A franchise contract is necessary when establishing a business like this, and must comprise details like:
•    the duration of the contract:
•    the fees involved (including monthly or annually royalties to be paid);
•    the invested capital;
•    details about the business;
•    information about the franchisee and franchisor.
According to the statistics offered by the International Franchise Association, more than 82% of the business persons who opened franchises worldwide are still activating in this environment. The same statistics say that for 2030 most products and services will be offered on the market through the franchising system. We remind local and foreign investors that the company registration procedure in Bulgaria is subject to fewer formalities and can be done within a few working days with complete support provided by our advisors.

The advantages of a franchise in Bulgaria

Franchises come with a solid name behind and therefore, recognition on the market. A franchisor will offer as established in an agreement the necessary tools for starting the business immediately. Also, the marketing materials are at the disposal of the franchisee in Bulgaria. It is good to know that considering the amount of money invested, this is going to be returned in a short period of time.
Please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation consultants in Bulgaria for assistance and guidance when establishing a franchise business in the country.

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