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Why is Bulgaria an Attractive Country for Investors?

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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NameThe foreign businessmen can choose to invest in Bulgaria because of  the many benefits this country has to offer.  There are numerous developed domains and here we mention the agriculture and the tourism sector, the last one being well seen in the past decade due to its major changes.  If you wish to invest the country you can solicit help and guidance from our company formation agents in Bulgaria.

Reasons to invest in Bulgaria

The geographic location of Bulgaria makes it an attractive country for all types of businesses. Being strategically located and having important exits at the Black Sea, Bulgaria also offers financial and macroeconomic stability. The taxation system in Bulgaria is also an important aspect that you should take into consideration when deciding to invest in the country. For instance, the profit tax is only 10% and the tax on dividends paid to non-residents is 5%.
Bulgaria has the lowest taxation system in the European Union (EU), a strong reason why foreign investors choose to develop businesses here. As a reminder, you can set up a company in Bulgaria in 14 working days after you have prepared the necessary documents. The registration process of a company in Bulgaria is quite easy and our company incorporation representatives will guide you the entire course.

Investing in real estate in Bulgaria

The real estate investments in Bulgaria increased visibly in 2016, due to all the benefits that the country offers and especially in the fiscal sector. In recent years, Bulgaria has become a popular destination, and businessmen from Russia, Hungary or Ukraine have chosen to invest in the real estate market. The low prices for properties and resorts at the Black Sea have become an attraction for many foreign investors, and here we mention an average price of EUR 500 per square meter. Regarding Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, the values do differ a little bit, and the average price goes around EUR 800 per square meter for a residence in the city. The real estate in Bulgaria has a low level of taxation and property request is growing daily.  Take into consideration that all foreign investors who wish to register a company in the country, can obtain guidance and legal assistance from our company formation agents in Bulgaria. You can also receive guidance on the registration process of a business in Bulgaria.

The ultimate report about foreign direct investments in Bulgaria

If we talk about numbers, it is good to know that last year, the FDI (foreign direct investments) meant EUR 1,183,000 which involved 2.8 of GDP (gross domestic product). The significant domains for FDI in Bulgaria are real estate, energy and tourism. The financial services sector has also developed in the last years (13.9% growth), and has been a major magnet to many overseas investors
If you want to invest in Bulgaria, or if you need detailed information about how to open a business in this country, you can contact our company formation consultants in Bulgaria.


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