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Create a Publishing Business in Bulgaria

Updated on Friday 21st September 2018

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Create-a-Publishing-Business-in-Bulgaria.jpgPublishing companies in Bulgaria can be easily set up and controlled under the rules of a limited liability company or a joint stock company and can perform a series of activities like the production of newspapers, magazines, books and many more. Entrepreneurs from abroad looking to incorporate a company for publishing activities in Bulgaria should seek advice and assistance in matters of registration with the Bulgaria authorities. Our team of company formation specialists in Bulgaria are at the disposal of investors with assistance at the time of company formation process in this country.

How can I open a publishing company in Bulgaria?

Most of the investors from abroad wanting to incorporate a business in Bulgaria should know the benefits of the limited liability company or the Bulgarian OOD which is the preferred business structure in this country. Among the requirements of opening an OOD in Bulgaria for a publishing company in Bulgaria, we mention the following:
  • a name verification and reservation are necessary at the time you decide for a publishing company in Bulgaria;
  • the unique termination OOD is added at the end of the name of your company as a mandatory request;
  • the minimum share capital of an LLC in Bulgaria is EUR 1, but if you are interested in incorporating a closed joint stock company, EUR 25,000 are necessary;
  • a Bulgarian bank account is necessary at the time of company formation.
Our agents in company formation in Bulgaria can ease the registration process and act on your behalf with the Trade Register and  present you the requirements for incorporation.

The activities of a publishing company in Bulgaria

The publishing houses in Bulgaria have a vast area of activities and cover a series of online operations including the ones linked to the local publications that continue to grow in a fast manner. The publication of newspapers and magazines benefit from a large exposure on the internet as there are websites connected to all of the products in a publishing company. Besides that, a publishing company in Bulgaria deals with the marketing and advertising activities to promote and sell its products. Also, foreign entrepreneurs can decide on printing activities not only for their publications, but also for other companies in Bulgaria, whether small or medium and interested in such services.
We invite you to contact our team of company formation consultants in Bulgaria and find out more details about how you can open a publishing company in Bulgaria.

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