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Trade Register in Bulgaria

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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NameAny company in Bulgaria needs to be registered in order to be capable to have economic activities.
The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) offers to your attention an up-to-date, combined, electronic trade register, in order to meet the increased needs of your business in Bulgaria, for fast, reliable and simplified registration procedure.
The Bulgarian Trade Register is divide into departments that deal with many types of company registration in Bulgaria.
Our company formation agents can offer proper guidance and information if you want to register a company in Bulgaria.

How can a company register with a trade register in Bulgaria

If you want to set up a company in Bulgaria you must register it with BCCI. Company registration in Bulgaria is based on some important documents that must be prepared, and those are:
the articles of the association;
names and details  about the company’s shareholders;
company contracts;
social capital of the enterprise and others.
The company formation agents in Bulgaria will assist you the entire register process. You should know that an application form needs also to be submitted in order for the file to be suitable. 
The Trade Register in Bulgaria will then evaluate the application and make an assessment. The process of company registration in Bulgaria is completed when the registration certificate is dispensed. 
All modifications that may appear concerning the business’s office, managers, name or activities need to be listed with the Trade Register in Bulgaria.

How can I access the Bulgarian Trade Register

The Bulgarian Trade Register can be accessed by anyone who wishes to see information on particular businesses.
The database is also available online or at the agency of the Trade Register.
To use the website of the Bulgarian Trade Register, individuals will need a user account. If the person who wants to demand information goes to the Trade Register office, he can make a personal analysis. 
It will be a lot easier to look for an enterprise if some searching filters are used, and our company formation representatives in Bulgaria will help you in this stage, if necessary.
Individuals can access the database by completing the name of the business or the name of the associates or the date of formation. 
You should take into consideration that it is possible to sign a contract that needs a monthly charge for having  numerous access to the Bulgarian Trade Register database.
Please don’t hesitate to contact our company formation agents in Bulgaria if you want to find out extra information about the Trade Register in this country and the company incorporation processes.


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