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Set up a Fintech Company in Bulgaria

Updated on Tuesday 13th December 2022

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set-up-a-fintech-company-in-bulgaria.jpgThe banking sector in Bulgaria follows the trends on the market and continues to offer proper services for all kinds of customers. In this situation, a fintech company in Bulgaria can ease the path of technology between companies and final clients by implementing varied applications. If you want to start a company in Bulgaria and you are interested in the IT sector, you may solicit help and guidance for incorporation from our specialists in company formation in Bulgaria.

Requirements for setting up a fintech company in Bulgaria

If you have decided it is time to enter the Bulgarian market with a fintech company, it is suggested to comply with the requirements for company formation in Bulgaria. In this matter, a limited liability company can be the proper business form to establish, as it has fewer formalities for registration, and a minimum share capital of BGN 2 which represents approximately one euro. Additionally, the LLC must be registered for tax purposes and social contributions. It is good to know that if an LLC registers profits below BGN 50,000, the VAT will not be imposed. The fintech company in Bulgaria can perform the activities as soon as the Bulgarian Registry Agency issued the incorporation certificate.
In order to correctly prepare the documents and respect the conditions as specified by the Bulgarian laws, it is best to ask our company incorporation agents in Bulgaria for support and advice in these situations. We can also help you if you need a software for recovering double payments in your company.

The activities of fintech companies in Bulgaria

Opening a company in Bulgaria will pretty much depend on the business environment and the fields in which success can be met. With complete focus on technology implementation in different sectors, Bulgaria is open to all kinds of investments. Fintech companies are appreciated business forms because they develop in a fast manner and they can activate in the financial sector, much appreciated on an international plan. Electronic payments, online banking services, online money exchange, or secured payment platforms are among services a fintech company can offer in Bulgaria. Please consider that a special license issued by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission is necessary for opening your business.
Foreign investors who want to carry out their activities in Bulgaria must also consider the accounting procedures. Thus, they have at their fingertips the services offered by our accountants in Bulgaria, with experience in payroll, bookkeeping, audits, annual financial statements, and more. We can offer you the necessary support to register the company for tax payments. Also, where applicable, you can ask for information about tax minimization methods available. Therefore, contact us and ask for a free case evaluation.
Additional information about how you can set up a fintech company in Bulgaria can be obtained from our team of company incorporation representatives in Bulgaria, so please contact us. We can also help you if you need a

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