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Selling Tobacco in Bulgaria

Updated on Sunday 19th August 2018

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Selling-tobacco-in-Bulgaria.jpgThe legislation that oversees the production and sale of tobacco products in Bulgaria is associated with the EU set of laws. Even though there are numerous prevention programmes initiated to help individuals reduce or quit the consumption of cigarettes, the tobacco industry is extremely prolific considering the amount of money gained by the authorities through the taxes imposed and allows foreigners establish their businesses in compliance with the local rules. If you would like to open a tobacco shop In Bulgaria and need assistance with the registration requirements, you can get in touch with our team of company formation specialists in Bulgaria.

What are the regulations for opening a cigarette shop in Bulgaria?

A tobacco shop in Bulgaria can be registered under the rules of a limited liability company or OOD in Bulgaria, one of the simplest business structures available. Complete information about the owners, the activities, the liabilities in the firm and details about the company dissolution are mentioned by the Articles of Association, the company’s essential documents. We are at your disposal with advice and support if you would like to register a tobacco shop in Bulgaria, as we can handle the requirements of the documents involved for an OOD in Bulgaria.
We remind that any activity in the tobacco industry in Bulgaria needs to respect several sets of laws like the Regulation for Requirements on the Labeling, Marking, and Layout of Tobacco Products, the Law on Tobacco, Tobacco Products and Associated Articles, plus the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouse Act for imported tobacco products in Bulgaria.

General rules for the sale of tobacco products in Bulgaria

The international laws regarding the sale of tobacco products are also applicable in Bulgaria and mostly refer to the following:
  • tobacco products cannot be sold to minors, as it is strictly forbidden;
  • all cigarette packs and other tobacco products must reveal the health warning photos;
  • the cigarette labeling need to respect the local laws in Bulgaria;
  • cigarette advertising is strictly banned in shops, malls or any designated sale area.
Would you like to open a cigarette shop or import tobacco products in Bulgaria through your company? Feel free to contact our company formation agents in Bulgaria for comprehensive assistance and information at the time of company registration in Bulgaria.

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