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Imports and Exports in Bulgaria

Updated on Thursday 17th November 2022

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Imports-and-Exports-in-Bulgaria.jpgBulgaria deals with many import and export activities, having strong trading relations with many important players in Europe. With a free open market and a developed private sector, Bulgaria is outlining the main trade industries with positive growth in import and export businesses. Our company formation agents in Bulgaria can provide you with information and details about the import and export business in the country and about the company registration procedure in Bulgaria. You can also set up a company in Bulgaria with our suitable help.

Important areas for import and export in Bulgaria

Bulgaria benefits from a strategic location and a great geography, which permits the country to manufacture many agricultural products. Besides that, the Bulgarian mountains are holding numerous natural resources which are successfully exported worldwide. The major export partners are Russia, Germany, Greece, Romania, Italy, Turkey, France, and Belgium. Bulgaria produces lots of raw materials and processed supplies like copper, coal, iron, bismuth, refined petroleum, vehicle components, clothes, and electronics. The latest records mentioned Bulgaria in the 69th place worldwide with about $17 billion value of the exports.
Regarding the imports in Bulgaria, the country has developed excellent business relations with many European states, dealing with machinery, chemicals, fuels, plastics and minerals imports. If you are interested in opening an import and export company in Bulgaria, you may solicit help and guidance from our experts in company formation in Bulgaria. They can also help you prepare the needed documents, in order to ease the company registration process.

Bulgarian import and export authorities

In order to legally start doing the trading activities in Bulgaria, you should apply for the import and export licenses that are issued by the Bulgarian National Customs Agency. Being an EU (European Union) member, Bulgaria respects the rules and regulations related to the international customs collaboration.
Payroll, bookkeeping, audits, and preparation of annual financial accounts are among the services that can be offered by one of our accountants in Bulgaria. We, therefore, invite you to collaborate with our specialists if you have a company in Bulgaria. You will thus ensure that you comply with the legislation, as well as implement the changes brought to it.
If you wish to obtain more details about the legislation of the import and export in the country you can contact our company formation representatives in Bulgaria.

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