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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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NameEvery foreign investor who wants to open a company in Bulgaria needs to know the rules and the regulations of this country, regarding the taxation system and the types of companies available here.

1. What types of companies can be incorporated in Bulgaria?

Foreign businessmen interested to open companies in Bulgaria can choose from five important forms, such as limited liability company (LLC), partnership limited by shares, joint stock company (JSC), general partnership and limited partnership. 

2. Can a foreign person open a company in Bulgaria?

Every foreign investor can open a company in Bulgaria, having the same rights as the citizens of this country who wish to do business here. Bulgaria encourages Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).

3. How fast can you begin a new business in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria, a company can be incorporated in aproximately 14 days.

4. Does the company need to have an office in Bulgaria?

A company in Bulgaria needs to have a registered office and you can choose major cities like Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv or Stara Zagora for your future businesses.

5. What are the stages for company incorporation in Bulgaria?

If a foreign investor has selected the type of company, the next step is to register a legal company name. In order to do so, a company representative will send all the documents to the Bulgarian Trade Register.

6. What is the minimum share capital in Bulgaria?

The LLC requires a minimum capital of 2 BGN (1 EUR), and a joint stock company requires BGN 50,000 share capital, with 1 BGN minimum value.

7. What are the conditions for opening a bank account in Bulgaria?

In order to deposit the share capital, a company needs to open a bank account. The company’s registration certificate among other important documents is required to open a bank account. Depending on the selected Bulgarian bank, there will be different charges.

8. Is Bulgaria among countries that offer double tax treaties?


Yes. Bulgaria has signed 68 agreements, in order to avoid double taxation.


9. What are the taxes for companies in Bulgaria?

The corporate income tax in Bulgaria stands at 10%. The property tax, the social tax, the value added tax and the income tax need to be considered when opening a company in Bulgaria.

10. Why you should invest in Bulgaria?

The great geographic location, the flourishing tourism, the great infrastructure and the lowest taxation system in EU (European Union) are important aspects to consider when investing in Bulgaria.
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