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Bulgarian Legislation Related to Foreign Investments

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

NameThe Foreign Investments Agency in Bulgaria controls the main funds made by overseas businessmen, and here we mention the real estate investments, the intellectual property, securities and also equity investments. Due to a proper climate and suitable reforms, Bulgaria offers many opportunities for people who choose to have a business here, all of them being guaranteed by the Bulgarian legislation related to the foreign investments that stipulate fairness and objectivity. Our company formation agents in Bulgaria are able to offer important information and guidelines if you want to make investments in the country. You may also receive details about the company registration procedure in Bulgaria.

Details about the Investment Law in Bulgaria

People interested in making investments in Bulgaria are attracted to the financial and macroeconomic stability in the country and to the liberal investment management. According to the Investment Law in Bulgaria, an overseas investor may be a natural individual with a foreign permanent residence, a legal person without any registration in Bulgaria, or an enterprise without being a legal person. It is good to know that the foreign individuals have the right to start doing business in Bulgaria and to register the companies with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and the Trade Register.
An investor may have the ownership title for certain assets and also limited proprietorship over a property in Bulgaria. The individual has also access to loans, securities, can obtain the intellectual property title and can be the sole owner of a company in the country. The Council of Ministers in Bulgaria is in charge of issuing the permits for individuals with ownership titles over certain properties or assets. You should know that you may not obtain a land proprietorship title.

Other important provisions

An investor in Bulgaria needs to register the company and pay the taxes if:
he generates incomes due to specific investments;
obtains earnings from the sale of the investment good;
has generated incomes through the made investments.
Every foreign investor has the possibility to make deposits in foreign currencies with the banks in Bulgaria and can purchase properties. Our experts in company formation in Bulgaria can provide you with information in this matter and can also offer assistance if you want to register a company in the country. It is good to know that the foreign investors have the same rules and regulations related to the registration procedure of an enterprise as the citizens in Bulgaria, without any specific requirements.

Company registration process in Bulgaria

If you want to open a company in Bulgaria you can choose from the most preferred entities like limited liability companies, public limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, or general partnerships. No matter the type of company you choose, it is good to know that it needs to be registered at the Central Commercial Register if you have prepared the articles of association, the proof of the capital deposit, the application form and the document that contains the name and the signatures of the shareholders. Besides that, you will need to register the company with the Tax Office, in order to pay the social contributions.
If you have any questions about the Bulgarian legislation related to foreign investments, you may contact our company formation representatives in Bulgaria.


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