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Plovdiv, an Attractive Region for Industrial Activities

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Plovdiv-an-Attractive-Region-for-Industrial-Activities.jpgThe industrial activities carried out in the region of Plovdiv can offer numerous business opportunities for foreign investors who want to open a company in Bulgaria. Plovdiv represents the second largest city in this country, in which the industrial companies are very well represented. The field is highly developed and, at the moment, it lacks a sufficient number of persons who can be employed in this field of activity. Our team of company formation agents in Bulgaria can provide in-depth details on the requirements that must be met when hiring local workforce

Employment in the Bulgarian industrial sector 

At the moment, the industrial sector in Bulgaria is very well developed and  the representatives of the industry are interested in hiring workforce with the necessary level of expertise that is required for this field. The Trakia Economic Zone is searching, at the moment, for 5,000 employees to operate in various activities carried out in the industrial field
Foreign investors interested in the procedure of company formation in Bulgaria should know that the Trakia Economic Zone provides numerous business prospects, as the region is involved in other types of activities, besides the industrial ones. 
The representatives of the region are searching at the moment for employees living in less developed areas of the country, where the unemployment level is rather high. Other possibilities taken into consideration refer to the Bulgarian workforce living in countries such as:
Our team of company formation consultants in Bulgaria can offer an in-depth presentation on the main advantages of setting up a business in the region of Plovdiv, which is the top industrial area of the country. 

Trakia Economic Zone in Bulgaria  

One of the main reasons to start the procedure of company registration in Bulgaria in the region of Trakia refers to the fact that this is the most developed industrial hub of the country. 
It is comprised of more than 120 companies that hired more than 66,000 employees. It is also important to mention that the region has attracted 80 foreign companies
Our team of experts in company registration in Bulgaria can provide in-depth details on the registration of businesses in the region of Plovdiv, as well as its tax requirements. Please contact our consultants for more details. 

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