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Investments over BGN 50 Million in the Industrial Area of Burgas

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Burgas is the 4th biggest city in Bulgaria and it is a great seaside destination which met a fast development in the past decade, thanks to a wide range of foreign investments. The city continues to have full potential, but now the authorities are concerned in expanding the industrial zone. If you are a foreign investor who wants to explore the opportunities of Bulgaria’s seaside, you can talk to one of our Bulgarian company formation specialists who can help you set up your business in the country, including Burgas.


Production and services in the industrial zone of Burgas

About 24 hectares of beaches in Burgas are expected to be transformed with the help of varied ventures that sum up around $ 40 million. Even if the authorities declared that about EUR 25 million (BGN 50 million) were already placed in Burgas for modernization purposes, the zone offers even more potential especially through the beach areas which can generate money as soon as they transform into summer destinations with a wide range of resorts. Although the significant project named “Innovation and Competitiveness” was a good source of incomes in the industrial zone of Burgas, foreign investments are likely to pronounce at a new level starting with the years to come.
The beach zones of Bulgaria are among locations preferred for business, and future plans for Burgas include the expansion of services related to import and export through reorganized seaports. Entrepreneurs from abroad who are interested in setting up a company in Bulgaria can address to our company incorporation agents in Bulgaria for complete support and guidelines. With less bureaucracy, business persons can benefit from an easy registration process of a company in Bulgaria.

Why invest in Bulgaria’s industrial zones?

Bulgaria has a strategic location in Europe and thanks to the numerous sea exits, the country established important ties in the trading sector on an international plan. The industrial zones in Bulgaria, Burgas included, are among areas with an enormous potential of expansion, the investors putting the accent on innovation and modernization of the tourism sector, one of the main engine of Bulgaria’s economy.
If you are looking to enlarge your portfolio and develop your activities in Bulgaria, we suggest you contact our Bulgarian team of company formation representatives for support and information.

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