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Business Opportunities in Bulgaria's Food Industry

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For a strong and reliable economy, the food industry in Bulgaria needs to be promoted and sustained as much as possible, as the demand for domestic groceries instead of the exported ones has been recently caught the attention of the sellers The authorities are struggling to introduce different support measures for the local entrepreneurs in agriculture who are invited to place good products on the market. In this matter, the foreign investments are also expected in a sector which represents in most cases a significant element in the overall economy. Our company formation agents in Bulgaria can offer guidance and support for both local and foreign investors who want to activate in the food industry.

Gaining strength and focusing on Bulgaria groceries

Even if the competition is sturdy, the food market in Bulgaria has lots of chances to develop in the years to come by adding quality products in supermarkets and in all kinds of chain foods. It is known that the trend in the food industry observes the organic and healthy products, chemical free, and available not only in dedicated places but also in the big market chains in Bulgaria. The grocery and the dairy products are among concerns of the Bulgarian authorities, as they want to develop the quality of such items in order to compete with the Western markets. Investors can determine the place of business in Bulgaria and can set up companies in the agriculture sector and benefit not only from an easy incorporation process but also from the special programmes offered by the government which aims to boost this important sector.

Promoting the local products in varied fields

Confections, winery, dairy, grocery are only a few of the targets for the years to come because Bulgaria has full potential to develop the local production for self-consumption and also for export purposes. The grocery sector in Bulgaria met a significant sale growth of 30% this year, meaning that Bulgarian products represent the first choices for nationals. The food industry continues to expand and to welcome foreign investments to sustain the quality of products in each sector.
If you are a businessman who wants to open a company in the food industry in Bulgaria, please feel free to contact our team of specialists in company formation in Bulgaria for complete support and guidelines.

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