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Bulgarian Unemployment Rate Decreased by 1,9% in March 2017

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Bulgarian-Unemployment-Rate-Decreased-by-1,9-in-March-2017.jpgA positive aspect referring to the Bulgarian economy is that the unemployment rate decreased by 1,9% in March 2017 compared to March 2016. Investors who are interested in opening a company in Bulgaria should know that the total number of unemployed persons is now situated at 262,000. Our team of consultants in company formation in Bulgaria can offer assistance on the employment regulations available in this country. 

Employment level, increasing in Bulgaria  

The Bulgarian business market has positive prospects and this can be seen in the level of employment registered here. Since 2014, the unemployment levels decreased gradually. In August 2014, the unemployment level was situated at 11,4%, decreasing from the previous value of 13%. 
In February 2015, the unemployment further decreased to a rate of 10,6%. The policies carried out by the local authorities decreased the unemployment level, which is currently situated at 8,1% (data registered for the first quarter of 2017). 
Investors interested in company formation in Bulgaria must know that the sectors which registered the highest employment demand were the following:
processing industry;
Our team of company registration representatives in Bulgaria can offer advice on the requirements that must be met when opening a company in one of the above mentioned fields, as they may vary, depending on the specific activities carried out by the businessmen. 

Employment in the accommodation industry in Bulgaria  

Bulgaria enjoys a very well developed accommodation industry, being one of the leading economic sectors in which the local authorities invested in the last decades, thus the employment demands for this field are rather important. One of the main drivers of success in this field was determined by the quality of services provided by the hotel industry, delivered at competitive prices. The industry is highly represented by foreign tourists, with an emphasis on the European visitors. 
Entrepreneurs interested in the procedure of company registration in Bulgaria in the accommodation industry will have to obtain several business licenses for their activities. 
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of agents in company formation in Bulgaria for more details on the employment legislation available here. 


  • Adrien 2017-04-26

    This is a great information! I think the business environment in this country is becoming more attractive.

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