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Investments over BGN 50 Million in the Industrial Area of Burgas


Burgas is the 4th biggest city in Bulgaria and it is a great seaside destination which met a fast development in the past decade, thanks to a wide range of foreign investments. The city continues to have full potential, but now the authorities are concerned in expanding the industrial zone and continue with the developments in the area. If you are a foreign investor who wants to explore the opportunities of Bulgaria’s seaside, you can talk to one of our Bulgarian company formation specialists who can help you set up your business in the country, including Burgas.

Business Opportunities in Bulgaria's Food Industry


For a strong and reliable economy, the food industry in Bulgaria needs to be promoted and sustained as much as possible, as the demand for domestic groceries instead of the exported ones has been recently caught the attention of the sellers. The authorities are struggling to introduce different supports and incentives for the local entrepreneurs in agriculture who must place good products on the market. In this matter, the foreign investments are also expected in a sector which represents in most cases the main engine of the economy. Our company formation agents in Bulgaria can offer guidance and support for both local and foreign investors who want to activate in the food industry.

Changes to the Agricultural Land Ownership for Foreign Citizens in Bulgaria


Buying farm lands in Bulgaria by foreigners established or not in the country have been put on a debate by the authorities. The main aspect regarded how the ownership of Bulgarian domains can align with the European Union rules and regulations, avoiding potential infringements.  As for the investments in Bulgaria, the country sustains the entrepreneurs and companies willing to establish their business presence on the market by proposing varied incentives, including in the agricultural sector. The company formation procedure in Bulgaria is less bureaucratic and can be explained by our Bulgarian agents in company incorporation.

Smart City to be Built in Bulgaria with Chinese Investments


The concept of the smart city proves successful in many developed countries worldwide, and Bulgaria, an East European state, is also included in plans of future investments for the years to come. The start was announced in 2014, when the project of making a smart city near Elin Pelin in Bulgaria was settled by a Chinese-owned company in the country.  In matters of company registration and related documents, our specialists in company formation in Bulgaria can provide entrepreneurs with complete support.

Plovdiv, an Attractive Region for Industrial Activities


The industrial activities carried out in the region of Plovdiv can offer numerous business opportunities for foreign investors who want to open a company in BulgariaPlovdiv represents the second largest city in this country, in which the industrial companies are very well represented. The field is highly developed and, at the moment, it lacks a sufficient number of persons who can be employed in this field of activity. Our team of company formation agents in Bulgaria can provide in-depth details on the requirements that must be met when hiring local workforce

Bulgarian Unemployment Rate Decreased by 1,9% in March 2017


A positive aspect referring to the Bulgarian economy is that the unemployment rate decreased by 1,9% in March 2017 compared to March 2016. Investors who are interested in opening a company in Bulgaria should know that the total number of unemployed persons is now situated at 262,000. Our team of consultants in company formation in Bulgaria can offer assistance on the employment regulations available in this country. 

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